Difficulty Ratings

Somewhat maintained. Road rough but passable with stock 4wd. 4wd may be needed in spots.
Minimal maintenance with difficult terrain. Requires 4wd to get clear through. Driving skills should be above novice level.
These trails are never maintained except as required for passage. Vehicular damage a possibility for stock vehicles. Low gears and high clearance usually needed. Experienced driver essential.
At least one solid locker, large tires, and experienced driver needed. Vehicular damage is likely.


2014 Off-Road Trips and Events
Trip Date Meeting Place &
Departure Time
Trail Location Difficulty Leader
April 12-20, 2014 Easter Jeep SafariMoab, Utah
April 27, 8:00 amSafeway by RedrocksChinaman GulchEasyModerateMike Borum
May 3,2014South Gate Safeway 8:00 amIndependence trailMac McClung
May 7, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
May 17 5:30pmSafeway by RedrocksRainbow Falls - Night RunPaul Beaudean
May 31 @ 9amStarbucks at South-gate shopping CenterScouting for Work TripTBD ...
June 4, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
June 7 @ 8amStarbucks at South-gate shopping CenterMedano Pass-Great Sand DunesEasy ModerateMike Borum
June 21, 8 amStarbucks - Southgate RdWork Trip- Eagle Rock: ride Reynolds WrapModerateDifficultMatt Dobbs
June 28, 8:00am (leave at 8:30)Safeway at RedrocksTwin Cone PeakModerateMike Borum
July 2, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
July 13, 7:30amSafeway at RedrocksWheeler Lake RunModerateDifficultSue Fisher
July 24-27Brown's CreekBuena VistaMike Borum
July 27-Aug 2All 4 FunSilverton, CO
Aug 6, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
Aug 9(rewards trip from 2013)Metberry GulchEasy ModerateMatt Dobbs
Aug 16-17IHop at SouthgateBlanca Peak CampingModerateDifficultMac McClung
Aug 23, 8:00am(Northside ?) WalmartSpring CreekModerateDifficultFred Haskell
Aug 27-31Dakota Territory ChallengeRapid City, SDModerateDifficultAlex James
Sept 3, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
Sept 6, 8:00amSafeway on S. Academy-Hwy 115Bonanza Ghost Town/S. Poncha Springs areaEasy ModerateBrad Cook
Sept 13, 6:30pmStarbucks -South gate shopping CenterEagle Rock - night runTBDBob Novak
Sept 20TBDFour Mile Ranch golf tripExtremePaul Beaudean
Sept 27Jeepin 4 Jugs FundraiserRAM Offroad Park
Easy Extreme
Sept 28TBDFall Colors RunEasy Dave Peaslee
Oct 1, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
Oct 7-12Moab
Easy Extreme
Mike Borum
Oct 15-18Chile ChallengeLas Cruces, New Mexico
Easy Extreme
In Oct - TBDRAM Offroad Park
Easy Extreme
Nov 1, 8:00amSafeway at RedrocksChina WallModerateDifficultTim Provin
Nov 5, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
Nov 8, 8:30amStarbucks at South-gate shopping CenterIndependence trailAlex James
Dec 3, 7-8 pmStetson Hills Police DepartmentMonthly Meeting
Dec 14, 5 pmBambino's PizzaChristmas Party

Additional Information
Required items for a run are: four-wheel drive vehicle in good repair, valid driver's license, registration and insurance, seat belts, fire extinguisher, full size spare tire, jack, lug wrench, tow hooks or clevis, first aid kit, water and basic tools. Requirements for membership are participation on 2 club runs and 1 meeting, and 3 club member's sponsorships.

The designated trip leader reserves the right to refuse participation of any guest or member on any club-sponsored trip. Rigs must meet minimum equipment requirements for the terrain and difficulty rating of the trail. Because of unforeseen events and or weather conditions, all scheduled trips are subject to change on short notice. Therefore, anyone who wants to participate in a scheduled trip should contact the trip leader via email prior to the meeting time/date.

*Note: We will be leaving the meeting area at the specified departure time. Please show up prior to that time.