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April 9 2016 - Chinaman's Gulch

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April 27, 2014 - Chinaman Gulch

Trip Reports

Twin Cone Peaks
Date: Jun 19th, 2011
Trip Leader: Mike Borum
Members Present: Mike & Marilyn Borum, Sue Fisher, Dave Peaslee, Rob Cooper, Fred Haskell, Bob Novak, Keith Vest
Guests Present: Jelene Leathes, Billy and Koryn
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Description: Marilyn and I were camping at the Kenosha Pass campground since Friday night. On this beautiful Sunday in June we waited at the summit for our club members to join us on the Twin Cone Peaks trail.

Just a little past 10am Dave's Range Rover rolls up with Bob as a passenger. Right behind were the rest: Sue was driving her champagne Rubicon with passenger Keith, Billy and Koryn in their black Rubicon, and Rob and Jelene in the burgundy TJ. As we were airing down, along comes Fred in his blue KJ with friend Dan.

We hit trail with a mix of blue sky and thick clouds, and just a bit of gusty winds. We meandered our way through the tall stands of aspen, cottonwood, and pine trees, climbing up toward the North Twin Cone Peak. Along the way, we tackled the obstacles with gusto and skill. Sure, there were some predicaments here and there, but everyone managed the loose boulders and deep holes with no worries.

We stopped for lunch at the base of the steep boulder hill and a couple of Binders stopped and chatted with us. Soon we were moving again, picking our way up and up through the tundra. At 12500 ft., this is an impressive view of the entire center of the state of Colorado. From the vistas of South Park and a glimpse of our own Pikes Peak in the far distance, to Jeffco Lake, Red Cone, and beyond, this is one of awe inspiring beauty.

The wind was really howling at this pinnacle, so it was not long before we decided to head back down to the calmer and lower elevations. Back at the trail head, we aired back up, hands and hugs all around and headed home. A nice day for wheeling and enjoying our wonderful state.