Trip Reports

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Trip Reports

Slaugterhouse Gulch
Date: May 15th, 2011
Trip Leader: David Peaslee
Members Present: Bob Novak, Sue Fisher, Glen McMullan, Keith Vest , Mike Borum
Guests Present: Matt Mortimer, Billy & Koryn
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Description: We left promptly at 8 am from Safeway on Colorado Avenue. Bob Novak rode with me in the Range Rover, Sue Fisher with her Rubicon, riding with Sue was Glen McMullan, Keith Vest with his Toyota Tacoma with guest Matt Mortimer, and Mike Borum with his Rubicon. Also, we had a guest, Billy and Koryn Holmes driving a Rubicon.

The weather was overcast and threatened of rain and snow. As we left out of Buffalo Creek toward Pine Junction on highway 126, we came into heavy wet snow which fortunately had dumped the night before, but the roads were still only wet, and the heavy wet snow in the mountains was a spectacular site. Pine Junction to Bailey was foggy, but still not snowy or rainy.

We attempted to stop at the Shell station in Bailey, but it was closed, so we doubled back on the service road to the nearby Loaf n Jug. After a brief pit stop and fuel, we drove the six miles to the trailhead and were on the trail about 10:30.

Not sure how Slaughterhouse Gulch got its name, but with 5 capable rigs, even with the little snow on the ground, the trail was very easy to navigate. With only one steep mogul hill, then a few "whoopdeedoos", there were no other challenges as the only difficult hill has been roped off years ago by the forest service.

Just past noon, we broke for a quick lunch just before finishing the loop portion of the trail, and then we headed back to Loaf n Jug in Bailey to air-up. Our guest rig, Billy and Koryn had decided to take a scenic trip back through South Park, so they left us in Bailey.

On our trip home through Pine, being extremely exhausted from a day of grueling driving, we stopped at the Bucksnort for beverages. (Thanks Sue!!).

Back to Colorado Springs at 4pm. Overall a great trip, the snow covered trail was very scenic, and even offered more of a challenge. Colorado, snow, and wheeling, wonderful ingredients for a fun trip!