Trip Reports

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Apr 23rd 2012 - Crown King - AZ

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Trip Reports

Crown King - AZ
Date: Apr 23rd 2012
Trip Leader: Mike Borum
Members Present: Rob Cooper, Sue Fisher, Bob Novak, Russ Rose, Mac & Levi McMullen, Dave Peaslee
Guests Present: Amanda, Jim, Wayne, Gill, JC
Picture Link: Mikes Pictures Daves Pictures  
Description: The morning air was already promising a hot, dry day. When we left the Black Canyon City KOA campground, it was registering mid-80s on my Jeep's thermometer. The 30 miles of highway pavement was our cooldown period before airing down and hitting the trail.

Here was the lineup:
Mike - 06 LJ, yellow/black
Jim - 07 JK, green
Wayne - 97 TJ, blue (used to be Jim's rig)
Gill - 07 JK, white
JC - 04 TJ, blue
Rob and Amanda - 01 TJ, burgundy
Sue - 05 TJ, champagne
Russ - 88 Cherokee, red/white
Mac and Levi - 81 CJ-7, black/yellow
Bob and Dave - 06 LJ, white

The Crown King trail winds around Lake Pleasant, and rises and falls across a variety of terrain. Multiple varieties of cactus and deciduous plants grow up through the desert crust. Many of the cactus were beginning to bloom, with red and yellow and white flowers. Huge sequaro stood in grotesque but also stately postures. We found a little hill to play on and stopped for lunch. The temperature had risen to 100 degrees by now, but a slight breeze mad it bearable.

We climbed shelf roads and meandered through washes thick with bushes and trees. We encountered several small groups of wild burros playing amongst the cactus groves. We found several bypasses that challenged the articulation and traction of our rigs. We saw the remnants of mining operations along the way, but mostly a sea of desert and vistas as we continued to climb out of the valley and towards the mesa.

Finally, after some 30 miles of dirt, gravel, hardscrabble, and mogul hills, we arrived at the miniscule town of Crown King. Mac had been fighting a cold all day and was visibly run down, so he and Levi hightailed it toward the highway, still some 20 miles of dirt road to go. After stopping for a beer in the quaint saloon, we headed for the campground. Only later did we find out that Mac had run out of gas after making a wrong turn, and had to hitch-hike back to his tow rig so he could get gas for his Jeep. Poor guy was already toast, and still had an ordeal. Luckily the temperature had cooled down during the late afternoon to a balmy 89.

Back at camp, the concensus was that this was a fun trail and a scenic one at that!