Trip Reports

June 21, 2014 - Work Trip-Eagle Rock/Reynolds Wrap

May 4, 2014 - Independence Trails

April 13, 2014 - Chinaman gulch

May 28th 2012 - Chinamen

May 20th 2012 - Eagle Rock

April 27th 2012 - Martinez Cabin and Canyon Trail

April 26th 2012 - Woodpecker Mine / Ajax Mine

April, 24th 2012 - New River Trail

Apr 23rd 2012 - Crown King - AZ

Mar 24th 2012 - Independence Trails

Aug 28th 2011 - Redcone

Aug 21st 2011 - Mosquito/Weston Pass

Jul 22nd, 2011 - Holy Cross

Jun 19th, 2011 - Twin Cone Peaks

Jun 5th & 12th, 2011 - Scouting/Work trip to Eagle Rock

May 22nd, 2011 - Chinaman Gulch

May 15th, 2011 - Slaugterhouse Gulch

Jan 30th, 2011 - Hotel Gulch

Trip Reports

Eagle Rock
Date: May 20th 2012
Trip Leader: Bob Novak
Members Present: Sue Fisher, Russ Rose, Dave Peaslee, Mike Borum, Jim Garn
Guests Present: Mike, Mike, Damon, Nick
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Description: Attendees (riders in parens)
Bob (Jerry) - Trip leader
Sue (Kathy)
Dave (Monte)
Jim Garn
Mike - guest - 88 Rover
Mike - guest - 06 Rubi
Damon (Tannis) - guest - Jim G's Son and Grandson - 05 Rubi
Nick - guest - 12 Rubi

Thought this was going to be a small group but turned out to be ten rigs.

I will need to post a thank you on CO4X4 because the trail was in the best shape I've ever seen it for this time of year, they did a good job, little trash compared to other years.

Once we eventually found Eagle Rock the trip went relatively smoothly. In spite of having two rigs open/open we made it through the trail with only normal delays. Our guests proved to be some pretty good drivers. The unexpected snow/mud made it an interesting trip. Mike (88Rover) made up for his lack of lockers with a heavy right foot and even though he had a few "souvenirs" on the body to remind him of the trip, he had a great time - I guess that he recently "accidentally" bought another Rover on EBay for $1000 had something to do with it!

Had lunch at the regular place and then the group split with most heading home and myself, Russ, Sue and Rover Mike electing to do Saran Wrap - which was where the fun started.

Russ took the lead and we started up the end of the trail where it starts near the wetlands that we fenced in a few years back. We missed the right turn that would lead us back down to the meadow and instead continued up the hill where the road got progressively worse - did I mention snow/mud?

It was pretty apparent to everyone but Russ that we needed to turn around. He eventually got the idea when he couldn't go any farther. When trying to turn around he got sideways off camber and started sliding sideways down the hill - no problem - until he lost a bead and the RR tire came pretty much off the rim. The camber was such that Rover Mike put a strap on his side to make sure he didn't start rolling sideways downhill while we figured out what to do. I got up to him (with a winch along the way) and we hooked up a snatch block from an uphill tree to his LR corner and got him straightened out. He then made it back down to the level to change the tire. I then had some adrenaline pumping while I tried to turn around and started the sideways sliding thing. With some good advice from my spotters I got it turned around and made it back down. We were hoping Russ would have had the tire changed by that time but since he only had a 33" spare he had to first put that on the front and then change the back one. A hi-lift along with a bottle jack got the job done. It helped that he only had a 33" spare to put on as it slid in nice, saved us from having to come up with a Plan B.

After that we headed home - a fun, exciting trip and we got to meet some new wheelers who we hope to see on some future trail runs.